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  3. sparky

    • sparky
    • BeeerGutt

    He likes beer what can I say.


    • AjAx*

    Hey mate sorry to see you go thanks for everything you have done for us and if there is anything I can do for you let me know God Bless B2K and please keep in touch mate.😇

  5. AjAx*

    • AjAx*
    • Teletubby

    Happy Birthday.



    Face the days of war with courage and determination. Then you will see the glory days with humility and gratitude.

  7. AjAx*

    • AjAx*
    • TheVON

    Happy birthday mate, hope you had a great day.

  8. AjAx*

    • AjAx*
    • Snicko1392

    Just in case you drop by.. Happy birthday mate.

  9. SnoopDoggAU


    Warning : Grammar and spelling are insufficient 

    Credit FPSG 

    i feel like i should right a really long paragraph about bf4 and how it was amazingly good logging on every night to lockers and metro to become the number 1 i don't think i ever got their but i certainly had fun and at the end of my life it was all worth it. 

    shout out to everyone that said hey to me on the servers. I'm being legit its good to see some sense go through the chat. 

    Fpsg clan nights were the funniest things I've done in a community it was managed it was witchcraft 100 its was better than good so great it was better than great so excellent yes it was excellent.

    You know how many times i tried to get behind the enemies so i could get the back rage and take out as many people as possible that was my life on battlefield it wasn't i'd happily push through the congestion with nades or (fagotbangs *cough flashbangs ) or go snow and get sniped by the .50 cal cap E and take d then  go to c and go back to d and lose d to only go back to snow and repeat.

    so many good memories and gamers.

    running round with the CS5 and acog getting no scopes, jumping down stairs, snipping in the metro. getting that spawn beacon to out of reach places. i stole this from the guy that kept killing me with that class great sniper he or she was.

    Switching teams to help have a fair game.

    enforcing rules because people only think of themselves.

    pushing an angle of the map to win to dominate is the end goal but a 4/6 caps is all you need not teehee base rape do you remember nukes they were teeth clenching you still keep your kill streak which is thank you legacy, accidentally getting kicked because you throw that 6th nade forgetting you have already thrown 5 or seeing enemies grouped or trying to save my life by covering the door with a grenade while i heal and reload. and sliding how fun was sliding round a corner to only find there was five people there. The dodging in bf4 was the best 

    Or calling scrubs out that talk shit and there 4/12 and there fronting and someone who is 4/4.

    or hunting people that used frag rounds, shotguns, rpgs, mass,

    The best one this will cap it running after DIE or BLINDSIDE or LEGACY to get that knife kill and then talk bare shit in chat. CRIM that's it he used to get me all the time, Mischa, TT-chickn - there was another sniper i cant remember his name he was good and brother in arms, kitty the female gamer whom everyone seem to like, COBOLT, IDK , LOVE .they were great to play against and to team up with. and the LG's 17-1 before i could get 14-3. lepis + shady = Julies Caeser and groot and OAS diesnake, pots and pans , pans and pots, 

    I'm am currently inactive and will always look back at this whole time with y'all. 

    i look at the forums when i get an email about some dweeb that doesn't know what punk buster is.

    there so many people i've missed im sorry my memory is full. upgrade now get the latest 64gb ram sticks with ddr12 only 499$. Joke.

    calling elevators on metro and getting ready to open fire and empty the clip on who ever was in there.

    Getting the first kill so your name pops up in the chat.

    Rgo impact the most annoying grenades in the game next to frag rounds in a shotgun i cant put either one ahead of one another.

    Snoop out.





  10. Gulka

    • Gulka
    • whiskyaugogo

    Happy birthday Whisky.

  11. AjAx*

    • AjAx*
    • BenjiNZ

    happy birthday, I hope you had a great day.

  12. AjAx*

    • AjAx*
    • Jez

    Happy birthday champion, hope you had a fantastic day mate.

  13. AjAx*

    • AjAx*

    Happy birthday Legend.. hope you had a fantastic day mate.



      Thanks mate god bless you and your family.😉

  14. mrtrw76

    • mrtrw76
    • BeeerGutt

    Hey mate, are them FPSG BF4 servers down? They're not coming up in my Oceania search in servers. I remember seeing your name in the game the other night because its pretty unique.

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    2. BeeerGutt


      Yeah, it did end up dying in the arse while I was mid game. Fun stuff 😞

    3. mrtrw76


      Mate I just tried to join and got kicked by admin? Can you find out why?

    4. BeeerGutt


      Couldn't tell you off the top of my head mate. Use Battlelog to join the game and you'll get an actual kick message.

      Alternatively fill out a ban appeal form and ask why you're banned.

  15. SheamusOflannery

    • SheamusOflannery
    • BeeerGutt

    happy bday agedbeergut!


    1. BeeerGutt


      Feck  orf 

      I mean, thanks  mate.

  16. jimmysmooth

    • jimmysmooth
    • AjAx*



    1. jimmysmooth


      could you help me with my ban appeal?

    2. AjAx*


      Dont post in my profile please.

      I am reading your PM now. Bee patient.

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